$ 174.55

Moultrie Panoramic 150i is the best choice for super-wide 150 degree photos. There is no other camera which can give you this kind of field view like the 150i. Moultrie Panoramic 150i is different from others with its technical specifications. Detection range is 45 feet, trigger speed less than one second, three infrared motion sensors and the strong battery will give you the opportunity to capture 9 000 highest quality images and videos. Moultrie Panoramic 150i is excellent product if you are monitoring wildlife in a forest or near your camp place. Its design is an interesting camo, but the camera looks like a large face mask. To be honest, you will not be able to fool people if you are planning on using it for your home security. However, animals will be definitely fooled by this product, as it is easily attachable on the trees, and the colors mix in a way that it will be very difficult for animals to distinguish it from objects. The unit’s weight is 2 pounds, meaning that it is one of the heaviest cameras from Moultrie, but it is definitely worth it. It will require a lot more than a strong wind to knock this camera over. The dimensions are 7.5 x 9.5 x 5-inches, making the product relatively large, but considering its features and specifications, it just could not be smaller. The unit is weatherproof as its armor is very thick, so heavy storm and other terrible weather conditions will not be a problem for the camera. You might think that Moultrie has much better cameras to offer, but trust me, there are just a few that deliver flawless 150-degree panoramic view. Therefore, I highly recommend you taking a deeper look into this product in case you are interested in a 150-degree panoramic view along with an affordable price.


  • 🌟Resolution:8 MP
  • 🌟Trigger Speed:Less than 1 second
  • 🌟Detection Range:45 Feet
  • 🌟Flash Range:70 Feet
  • 🌟Flash Technology:NO-GLOW Infrared
  • 🌟Battery Life:9,000 Images


  • ✔ Motion Freeze reduces nighttime blur
  • ✔ 5/15/30 seconds, 1–60 minute picture delay
  • ✔ Multi-Shot (1–3 pics)
  • ✔ 3 motion sensors cover super-wide, 150-degree detection angle