$ 140.00

Let me introduce Moultrie M-40i Game Camera to you, that impressed me a lot. The best equipment for hunters. If you want full view of the field this unit is for you. With 0.3 second trigger speed, detection range of 80-foot and 16-megapixel camera, it can capture high quality photos and videos without any noise. Compatible with Moultrie mobile. Moultrie M-40i Game Camera will help you to plan your successful hunt. You can set it up to operate in time-lapse mode at customizable intervals, so you can see patterns and changes as the time goes by. It is equipped with an invisible infrared flash with 32 LEDs for unnoticeable nighttime illumination. To maximize the quality of night shots, the unit has very fast shutter speeds after dark to minimize the motion blur. Moultrie M-40i Game Camera records fabulous photos and videos to optional SD/SDHC memory cardsup to 32 GB. The unit runs on 8 AA batteries, or an external power supply. The abovementioned time-lapse mode has an ability to be scheduled at different times of day, delivering an easier monitoring process for dusk and dawn activity. So, whenever an animal or a human moves into the detection zone in between time-lapse intervals, the motion sensors will definitely trigger the camera and it will result in taking a high resolution image. Navigating and selecting settings are very easy using the small black-and-white easy-to-read text screen. Also, you have Quick Start, and Custom Start options available. The unit also has an ability to automatically “Overwrite Oldest”, meaning that the camera will erase the oldest photos and videos in order to free up the space for the ones that it will take, in case the memory card reaches the full capacity. The camera is highly durable as it is equipped with rugged, weather-resistant housing that protects the unit from possible dangers. You can see many positive reviews on large retailer websites such as Amazon from the customers who have already purchased the M-40I and are totally satisfied by the product.


  • 🌟Far-Reaching Technology
  • 🌟Optimal Image and Video Quality
  • 🌟Detection range 80 feet
  • 🌟32-LED iNVISIBLE Infrared Flash
  • 🌟0.3-second trigger speed
  • 🌟Mobile Connectivity


  • ✔ 16-megapixel images
  • ✔ 1080p HD video with audio
  • ✔ Moultrie Mobile system allows mobile-device compatibility
  • ✔ Swift, reliable .33-second trigger speed
  • ✔ 80-ft. flash range