$ 109.99

Moultrie M-40 Game Camera is one of the fast trigger speed (0.3 second) cameras from Moultrie. Even the fastest running animal is no match for the eye of the Moultrie M-40. When you decide to buy a trail camera, you must pay close attention to technical specifications. With Moultrie M-40 Game Camera, you can take high quality 16 megapixel images during the day or a night time. The HD video resolution goes up to 1920 x 1080, and it also records the sound with high quality. Ideal camouflage makes it practically invisible. The battery efficiency depends on how you are using the camera in a picture, or a video mode. Naturally, in picture mode, the camera needs less energy power than in video mode. Certainly the best trail camera for hunting in its price field. The unit’s PIR motion sensor has an impressive range of 80-foot, and additionally, you can program it to operate in time-lapse mode with a variety of intervals, such as every 30 seconds, every minute, every hour or so on, giving you an ability to observe patterns clearly. The infrared flash with 32 LEDs and an incredible range of 100-foot discreet nighttime illumination are a total win for this product. Furthermore, to maximize the quality of your images that are taken at nights, the unit uses an instant shutter speeds after dark in order to minimize the motion blur, resulting in high quality. The Moultrie M-40 Game Camera records these stunning photos and videos to SD/SDHC memory cards up to 32GB, that are not included in the package unfortunately. You can power the device by 8 AA batteries or an external power supply. The hybrid mode allows the camera to be triggered by both, motion sensor and time-lapse function. The unit is very easy to configure thanks to its small black-and-white easy-to-read screen for menu navigation and settings customization. Additionally, you have Quick Start and Custom Start options available. I hereby claim that this unit is totally worth every cent you pay for it.


  • 🌟High-Quality Images and Video
  • 🌟Day/night operation
  • 🌟Trigger speed 0.3-second
  • 🌟Image quality of 16 megapixels
  • 🌟Far-Reaching Technology
  • 🌟Detection range 80 feet
  • 🌟Wireless Connectivity


  • ✔ 7.7-Month battery life in picture mode
  • ✔ Outstanding case design
  • ✔ Flash Type: Red Glow Infrared"
  • ✔ Video resolution: 1920x1080 w/ audio
  • ✔ Battery Type: 8 AA Batteries
  • ✔ External Battery Jack: 12-Volt