Moultrie M 1100I Game Camera is the bestselling trail camera of all time from Moultrie, and not only. The style is an updated version of its predecessor trail cameras. Perfect for capturing ultra-high quality photos and full HD (1920x1080) videos. Moultrie M 1100I Game Camera c an be set for 5, 10, or 30 second delays as well as 1, 5, 10, or 30 minute delays. Trigger speed is only 0.5 second and you can set your camera up with different intervals of image capturing. The weight is 1,4 lbs. dimensions are 7.5 × 9.5 × 5. Moultrie M 1100I Game Camera is equipped with 8 AA Alkaline batteries, which delivers enough power to capture more than 10 000 photos. It works very decently in all the weather conditions, so rainy, snowy, windy or foggy days will not be a problem for the unit. Its style is a modernized version of the well-known camo, that is very popular from Moultrie. The updated camo is lot less noticeable, and also could be used as a home security without a problem. Most of the people will not be able to tell that there is a camera mounted on a tree, etc. The unit represents the highest tier in Moultrie’s lineup, but still happens to maintain the simplicity to use, yet it is very well-packed with customization features. All types of users will find it very easy to adapt to the unit in no time, meaning that beginners or even professionals will eventually be gaining the same benefits from the camera. Moultrie is well known for its durable products, and it is true in this case as well as this unit is easily able to withstand a lot of punishment, meaning that drops, knocks, and weather does not really affect the camera. You will be able to easily tell the amount of work that manufacturers had put into this sleek device, and everyone that appreciates fine craftsmanship, will definitely fall in love with this little, yet powerful device.
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  • 🌟Camera can be set for 5, 10, or 30 second delays
  • 🌟Day/night operation
  • 🌟Detection range 80 feet
  • 🌟High quality lens with a 50-degree horizontal field of view
  • 🌟Batteries: 8 AA Alkaline


  • ✔ Short 0.5 second trigger speed with just 5.5 seconds recovery time
  • ✔ Large 2.5 inch display for easy setup
  • ✔ Long battery life
  • ✔ Aesthetically pleasing, camouflage design blends into the background