$ 161.99

Moultrie A-20 is one of the bestselling cameras from Moultrie. It is quite cheap and has a small sized camera with 12-megapixel image resolution. With an infrared technology, night time photos are not a problem for the camera. Moultrie A-20 has only two resolutions low (1600 x 1200px) and high (4000 x 3000px) so you can control it with a resolution setting. Battery life is in fact very long. A fully charged battery can capture nearly 16 000 photos. Weather resistant Moultrie A-20 gives you an opportunity to use it in heavy rainy days as well. Do not miss the chance to buy one of the best Moultrie trail cameras with a very low price today. The A-20 also has an ability to take either a single, or burst shots, to perfectly suit your needs. The video quality has a 480p resolution (640 x 480), with the aspect ratio of 4:3, which you would find in your home TVs or monitors. Maybe you think that 480p is not the very best one, and I cannot deny your opinion since there are much higher resolutions available on the market today. However, as majority of customers claimed, the 480p is not as bad as you might think at first, moreover, they found it to be more than enough that they needed and were looking for. Furthermore, it greatly saves space storage on your SD card. Besides, you can use any SD card up to 32GB for extended photo and video storage. You should be ensured that the storage capacity is very sufficient. But, in case you will get to the point where the storage is almost full, but you are outdoors and have no other option, you can easily switch to lower resolution images in order to save storage. One more very impressive feature from this particular trail camera is its wireless connectivity, which lets you to connect to it from almost anywhere as its manufacturers claim, meaning that you have an ability to set the camera up in order to flawlessly work with your smartphone or a computer to have an easy access to your photos and videos from anywhere at your convenience. This amazing feature has impressed lots of customers, and they claimed that this function is very reliable, and they could access their media at all times, whenever they needed. However, this functionality will require an additional purchase of the MV1 unit from the Moultrie, in order to be able to fully explore the wireless functionality. The A-20 is an ideal choice for the hyper-tech savvy hunters, or animal lovers that are willing to use the camera in their backyard. This particular trail camera includes a 2-year warranty, but majority of customers have found the camera to be incredibly durable and functional, meaning that you can be sure that the unit will not experience any issues, so you will not have to use the warranty at all. The A-20 is priced very reasonably and is equipped with a number of innovative features, and it is worth paying every cent for it.


  • 🌟Resolution: 12.0 MP
  • 🌟Trigger speed: less than 1 second
  • 🌟Flash range: 50 ft
  • 🌟12 LEDs for long-range nighttime illumination
  • 🌟Operates on 8 AA batteries
  • 🌟16,000 images on one set of batteries
  • 🌟SD Memory Card holds up to 32 GB


  • ✔ Uses AA’s instead of C batteries which may be harder to find
  • ✔ Easy to use buttons and intuitive setup inside of the camera
  • ✔ Price and features make it a good starter camera or backyard camera
  • ✔ False positive image captures greatly reduced over previous Moultrie camera models